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Hepar sulphHepar sulphHepar sulph (Hepar sulfuis calcareum) is for sinus pressure, swollen sore throats, dry or rattling coughs, flu, acute ear pain, yellow phlegm, indigestion, constipation, acne and skin eruptions.
Hydrastis canHydrastis canHydrastis can (hydrastis canadensis) is for fall hay fever, congestions colds yellow mucus and thick mucus.
Hypericum perfHypericum perfHypericum perf  (Hypericum Perforatum aka St. John's Wort) is for nerve injuries from blows, shooting/radiating pain and backaches.
Ignatia amaraIgnatia amaraIgnatia amara (St. Ignatius' bean) is for grief, anger, fear, emotional trauma, stress and sleepnessness.
IpecacIpecacIpecac (Ipecacuana, Ipecacuanha) is for nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, wheezing, colic and stomach flu.
Iris versicolorIris versicolorIris versicolor or Iris vers.
Kali Arsenicosum (Kali Ars)Kali Arsenicosum (Kali Ars)Kali arsenicosum is for the skin.
Kali BichromicumKali BichromicumKali bich (Kali Bichromicum) is for a cough with thick yellow mucous, sinus and nasal congestion, stubborn ropy mucus and gagging coughs.
Kali Bromatum (Kali Brom)Kali Bromatum (Kali Brom)Kali bromatum (Potassium bromide) is for acne and incontinence.
Kali CarbonicumKali CarbonicumKali carb (Kali Carbonicum ) is for backache, joint pains, indigestion, dry coughs, sharp pains, muscle aches and sore feet.
Kali Iodatum (Kali Iod)Kali Iodatum (Kali Iod)Kali iodatum (Potassium iodide) is for colds and dry cough.
Lachesis MutaLachesis MutaLachesis Muta  is for menopause, hot flashes, PMS, headaches, irritability and sore throats.
Ledum PalustreLedum PalustreLedum Palustre is for puncture wounds, stings, bites, old bruises, joint pains and sprains. Assists with injuries from the inside working outward.
Lithium Muriaticum (Lith mur)Lithium Muriaticum (Lith mur)Lithium muriaticum (Lith mur) is for heartburn and backaches.
Lobelia InflataLobelia InflataLobelia Inflata  is for nausea, vomiting, heartburn, sick headache, cough, hayfever, and assists to break a tobacco habit.
LycopodiumLycopodiumLycopodium is for indecision, colds, headaches, nerves and worries and indigestion.
Manganum sulfuricum (Mang sulph)Manganum sulfuricum (Mang sulph)Manganum sulfuricum (Mang sulph) is an intestinal stimulant for issues with the liver and excess of bile. It is also used for toothache.
Mercurius VivusMercurius VivusMerc viv (Mercurius Vivus) is for sore throat, congestion, heartburn, sensitivity to temperature and diarrhea.
Nitricum acidumNitricum acidumNitricum acidum homeopathic remedy
Nux VomicaNux VomicaNux Vomica is for stress, nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, sleeplessness, colds, flu, gas and restless irritability.
Passiflora IncarnataPassiflora IncarnataPassiflora Incarnata is an efficient anti-spasmodic for whooping cough, to break a morphine habit, delirium, convulsions in children, neuralgia, insomnia (produces normal sleep), nervousness, stress, worry, headache, worm-fever, teething, spasms, tetanus, hysteria and asthma.
Phosphoricum AcidumPhosphoricum AcidumPhosphoricym acidum also known as phosphoric acid.
PhosphorusPhosphorusPhosphorus is for bleeding, nosebleeds, cough, sore throat, flu, colds, fatigue, sleeplessness, wheezing and hoarseness.
Phytolacca DecandraPhytolacca DecandraPhytolacca Decandra is for sore throat (swollen and red), inflammation, aching heels and sinus irritation.
Plumbum MetallicumPlumbum MetallicumPlumbum Metallicum is for constipation, cramps, colic, vomiting and quiet sadness.
PodophyllumPodophyllumPodophyllum is for constipation and diarrhea, diarrhea with teething and grinding teeth in sleep
PulsatillaPulsatillaPulsatilla nig is for colds, coughs, hayfever, restless sleep, car sickness, PMS, moodiness and headaches.
Ranunculus bulbosusRanunculus bulbosusRanunculus bulbosus is for skin eruptions, neuralgia, chronic sciatica and the effects after shingles.
Rhus ToxicodendronRhus ToxicodendronRhus Toxicodendron is one a favorite of those who use homeopathic remedies for poison ivy and poison oak, arthritis pain, stiffness and pain in joints, rashes, hives and inflammations.
Ruta gravRuta gravRuta grav is for sprains, strains, eyestrain, backache, wrist pain, cartilage and tendons.
Saw PalmettoSaw PalmettoSaw Palmetto is for incontinence, urinary irritation and stress headaches.
Selenium metallicumSelenium metallicumSelenium metallicum is for Skin eruptions & hoarse cough.
SepiaSepiaSepia is for PMS & Menopause, Back Pain & Headaches, Indifference and Fatigue.
SpigeliaSpigeliaSpigelia anthelma (Pinkroot) is for needling pains, headaches, minor eye pain, stiff joint pain and debility.
Spongia tostaSpongia tostaSpongia tosts is for dry cough, croupy cough, spasmodic winter cough, hoarseness and fatigue.
Staphysagria (stavesacre)Staphysagria (stavesacre)Staphysagria is for aid after cuts, lacerations, surgery, pain from needles, headaches, inflamed tissues.
SulphurSulphurSulphur is for congestion, colds, indegestion, headaches and skin irritation.
SymphytumSymphytumSymphytum is for structural injuries, pain and headaches and eye irritations.
TabacumTabacumTabacum is for nausea, travel sickness and bruises.
Tarentula hispanaTarentula hispanaTarentula hispana also known as tarentula hisp.
Thuja occThuja occThuja occ (arbor vitae / tree of life) is for warts, skin eruptions, skin irritations, headaches and nausea.
ThyroidinumThyroidinumThyroidinum homeopathic remedy
Urtica urensUrtica urensUrtica urens (stinging nettle) is for itchy rashes, minor burns, minor irritations, prickly heat and stiff joint pain.
Veratrum albVeratrum albVeratrum alb (white hellebore) is for wearying diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue and menstrual pain.
Zincum muriaticum (Zinc mur)Zincum muriaticum (Zinc mur)Zincum Muriaticum (zinc mur, zinc chloride) is for spasms and nausea.
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