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Allium CepaAllium CepaAllium Cepa is for allergies, colds, watery eyes and headaches.
Antimonium TartAntimonium TartAntimonium Tart (Antimomium Tartaricum, Tartarus Emeticus) is a homeopathic remedy for coughing, sore throat, fatigue and lower backache.
Apis melApis melHomeopathic remedies for Apis mel (Apis Mellifica) include swelling, insect bites and stings and hives.
Arnica MontanaArnica MontanaArnica Montana is for bruising, bleeding, swelling and pain following injuries and all kinds of accidents.
Arsenic Alb Arsenicum albumArsenic Alb Arsenicum albumArsenicum album (arsenic alb) is for allergies, colds, diarrhea and flu.
BelladonnaBelladonnaBelladonna is for fevers, inflammations, headaches and tempers.
Bryonia AlbaBryonia AlbaBryonia Alba is a single homeopathic remedy for dry cough, colds, flus and headaches.
Calcarea CarbonicumCalcarea CarbonicumCalcarea Carbonicum (Calc. Carb.) is for skin eruptions and joint pain.
CantharisCantharisCantharis is a remedy for burns, sunburns, scaldings, urinary/bladder irritation.
Carbo Vegetalis (Carbo Veg, Carbo Vegetabilis)Carbo Vegetalis (Carbo Veg, Carbo Vegetabilis)Carbo Vegetalis (Carbo Veg, Carbo Vegetabilis, Vegetable Charcoal) is the homeopathic remedy for nausea, constipation, burping and heartburn.
CausticumCausticumCausticum is for hoarse cough, colds, anxiety and burning pain.
ChamomillaChamomillaChamomilla is one of the most common of the homeopathic remedies and is for teething, colic, ear pain, irritability, coughs, colds, tantrums, sleeplessness, and is generally excellent for soothing babies or infants.
Coffea CrudaCoffea CrudaCoffea cruda is for sleeplessness, restless nerves, nervous headaches, nervous tension and toothaches.
Gelsemium semp (Gelsemium Sempervirens)Gelsemium semp (Gelsemium Sempervirens)Gelsemium semp (Gelsemium Sempervirens) is for headaches from stress, nervous anticipation, heavy cold or flu, diarrhea and fatigue.
Hepar sulph calcHepar sulph calcHepar sulph (Hepar sulfuis calcareum) is for sinus pressure, swollen sore throats, dry or rattling coughs, flu, acute ear pain, yellow phlegm, indigestion, constipation, acne and skin eruptions.
Hypericum perfHypericum perfHypericum perf  (Hypericum Perforatum aka St. John's Wort) is for nerve injuries from blows, shooting/radiating pain and backaches.
Ignatia amaraIgnatia amaraIgnatia amara (St. Ignatius' bean) is for grief, anger, fear, emotional trauma, stress and sleepnessness.
IpecacIpecacIpecac (Ipecacuana, Ipecacuanha) is for nausea, vomiting, morning sickness, wheezing, colic and stomach flu.
Kali BichromicumKali BichromicumKali bich (Kali Bichromicum) is for a cough with thick yellow mucous, sinus and nasal congestion, stubborn ropy mucus and gagging coughs.
Ledum PalustreLedum PalustreLedum Palustre is for puncture wounds, stings, bites, old bruises, joint pains and sprains. Assists with injuries from the inside working outward.
Lycopodium clav.Lycopodium clav.Lycopodium is for indecision, colds, headaches, nerves and worries and indigestion.
Mercurius VivusMercurius VivusMerc viv (Mercurius Vivus) is for sore throat, congestion, heartburn, sensitivity to temperature and diarrhea.
Nux VomicaNux VomicaNux Vomica is for stress, nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, sleeplessness, colds, flu, gas and restless irritability.
Passiflora IncarnataPassiflora IncarnataPassiflora Incarnata is an efficient anti-spasmodic for whooping cough, to break a morphine habit, delirium, convulsions in children, neuralgia, insomnia (produces normal sleep), nervousness, stress, worry, headache, worm-fever, teething, spasms, tetanus, hysteria and asthma.
PhosphorusPhosphorusPhosphorus is for bleeding, nosebleeds, cough, sore throat, flu, colds, fatigue, sleeplessness, wheezing and hoarseness.
Plumbum MetallicumPlumbum MetallicumPlumbum Metallicum is for constipation, cramps, colic, vomiting and quiet sadness.
PulsatillaPulsatillaPulsatilla nig is for colds, coughs, hayfever, restless sleep, car sickness, PMS, moodiness and headaches.
Rhus ToxicodendronRhus ToxicodendronRhus Toxicodendron is one a favorite of those who use homeopathic remedies for poison ivy and poison oak, arthritis pain, stiffness and pain in joints, rashes, hives and inflammations.
Ruta gravRuta gravRuta grav is for sprains, strains, eyestrain, backache, wrist pain, cartilage and tendons.
Spongia tostaSpongia tostaSpongia tosts is for dry cough, croupy cough, spasmodic winter cough, hoarseness and fatigue.
SulphurSulphurSulphur is for congestion, colds, indegestion, headaches and skin irritation.
Symphytum off.Symphytum off.Symphytum is for structural injuries, pain and headaches and eye irritations.
Thuja occThuja occThuja occ (arbor vitae / tree of life) is for warts, skin eruptions, skin irritations, headaches and nausea.
Veratrum albVeratrum albVeratrum alb (white hellebore) is for wearying diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue and menstrual pain.

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