Luyties Brand Combination Tissue Salts Biochemic cell salts are combinations of cell salts that are specifically designed for specific biochemic tissue salt remedies.
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Luyties Tissue Salt E - Tonic EnergyLuyties Tissue Salt E - Tonic EnergyThis combination cell salt biochemic tissue salt is for Vitality of Energy by combining the cell salts that restore balance to your system. A 1-800 Homeopathy Luyties Product.
Luyties Tissue Salt K -Sore ThroatLuyties Tissue Salt K -Sore ThroatThis combination biochemic cell salt tissue salt is for the throat, particularly sore throats. A 1800 Homeopathy Luyties product.
Luyties Tissue Salt M -Fever InflammationLuyties Tissue Salt M -Fever InflammationThis combination cell salt biochemic tissue salt is for fevers and inflammation. A Luyties 1800homeopathy product.
Luyties Tissue Salt N -Vaginal Irritation crampsLuyties Tissue Salt N -Vaginal Irritation crampsThis combination of cell salts biochemic tissue salts is for vaginal irritation and cramps. A 1-800 Homeopathy Luyties product.

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