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The Luyties 12 basic Schuessler cell salts tissue salts for homeopathic remedies at discounted prices. Need lactose free cell salts tissue salts? Go to the Hylands Cell Salt Tissue Salt Solutions page, which are sucrose based instead of lactose based. Luyties tissue salts are the same cell salts in the Hylands label but for a lower Luyties price. All 1800homeopathy (Luyties) basic 12 cell salts are displayed here.

Luyties is a label of products that is manufactured by Hylands but sold as it's own line of products. Luyties in form of 1800 Homeopathy is also a homeopathic phone and mail delivery service but when you buy Luyties products from Cell Salts Tissue Salts World you get the same Luyties products shipped with the same service as if you had ordered from 1800 Homeopathy directly but at a lower cost than if you had bought directly from Luyties! What is 1-800 Homeopathy / Luyties? Luyties is a source of homeopathic remedies and products as well as research and information. 1800homeopathy helps customers find homeopathic self-care solutions. Luyties products will help you lead a healthier life. 1800 Homeopathy is the brand name and catalogue name of Luyties Pharmacal. Luyties has been producing and delivering homeopathic products to families since 1853. History of 1800 Homeopathy / Luyties: Luyties started when Herman Luyties, MD, in the 1840's started a small homeopathic practice in St. Louis. As the first resource west of the Mississippi River there became a demand for him to not just practice but supply. In 1853 Luyties Pharmacal was opened as a homeopathic pharmacy to supply homeopathic remedies.

In 1857 with the establishment of the Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri Luyties Pharmacal Company became the primary resource for homeopathic supplies across the entire United States. Dr. Luyties formulated many combination tablets and remedies for specific ailments that could facilitate self-treatment since many patients lived too far away to receive a direct remedy solution from Dr. Luyties himself. Many of these same formulas are still available today through 1800homeopathy. Herman Luyties' son August continued the business and the 1904 World Fair gave Luyties the Grand Prize of Medicine. Thereafter, in 1910 August moved the manufacturing to a much larger plant.

Luyties products still come from this location today. 1800 Homeopathy / Luyties has been a family-friendly business since the beginning. Luyties has a wide product line, a family heritage, a commitment to classical homeoapthy and a loyal customer base. Luyties has been a sure source of foundational homeopathic principles through the years, a staple in the world of homeopathy. The same quality and tradition of Luyties can be enjoyed as you purchase 1800 Homeopathy Luyties products at Cell Salts Tissue Salts World. If there is a Luyties product that you want to purchase but do not see here, please just email us and we will add it to the page.

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#3 Luyties Calc sulph (Calcarea sulphurica)#3 Luyties Calc sulph (Calcarea sulphurica)This Luyties cell salt/tissue salt is for Blood and Skin and has the function of helping to cleanse the blood, help with sores, wounds, colds, congestion and yellow mucous. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
#6 Luyties Kali phos (Kali phosphoricum)#6 Luyties Kali phos (Kali phosphoricum)This Luyties cell salt/tissue salt is for Muscles, Nerves, Skin and has the function of helping with stress, nervous tension, headaches, aids breathing, mental faculties, restless sleep.

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