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Cell salts tissue salts kits from Hylands for homeopathic remedies at discounted prices. Hylands has all kinds of kit options. Please see each individual Hylands kit to see the list of products and different uses for each Hylands kit option below. Who is Hylands? Hylands believes that their work, research and the development of Hylands products are informed by the needs and feedback of their customers.

Hyland’s is really the story of a magnificent family which includes the great people Hylands serves. Hylands has been commitment to making safe and natural homeopathic medicines for over a century. During all these years Hyland’s has never lost touch with the reasons why their founders started the company – beginning with the pharmacist and visionary George Hyland back in 1903. Hylands has always employed simple scientific proof of how the body can call upon its own natural defenses to heal and restore balance, which is the basis of homeopathic medicine. Hyland’s has solidly stood its ground on homeopathic remedies even during times of persecution toward homeopathic medicines, affirming that Hylands remedies are effective, virtually free of side effects and able to be taken by nearly anyone at any time, from infants to the elderly.

Today, as countless conventional medicines developed by others prove to produce complicated or even harmful side effects, causing the need for natural homeopathic medicines that work without side effects, Hylands stands as a leader in innovative homeopathic remedies for alternative options for healthcare needs today. Hyland’s remedies are effective for legs that are needing a rest, when aching ears need drops, when noses need unclogging, for a boost to the athlete and when little bugs in the hair become big problems for everyone. Hyland’s is for all ages at all times. Hylands is dedicated to their customers. Hyland’s has a deeply rooted history which impacts the health and well-being of families, which is a value of the Hylands company. Hylands has a promise of innovation, and Hyland’s never forgets the values, vision and wisdom upon which they were founded. Hyland’s believes has a rich living history that shows by its deeds everyday. Hyland’s products draws from a collection of wisdom that dates back to 1900. Hylands products are a great option for all of your homeopathic needs and we at Cell Salts Tissue Salts World we are glad to have Hylands products for our customers’ needs!

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