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Hylands Bioplasma

Hylands Bioplasma
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This cell salt/tissue salt is the correct combination of all 12 cell salts tissue salts for daily use. Hylands Bioplasma comes in there standard potency mixture which is 6x potency for Calc fluor, Nat mur and Silicea and 3x potency for the other 9 basic cell salts tissue salts.

Notice that Bioplasma is manufactured in a way that the cost of the 1000 tablet bottle is a much better deal than the 500 tablet bottle.

Need all the 12 basic Schuessler cell salts tissue salts? Bioplasma is the easiest way to get all 12 cell salts in one dose since Bioplasma has all 12 tissue salts in one tablet.

Unfortunately, Bioplasma is only manufactured in tablet form and in Bioplasma Sport which is a powder specifically for use for athletics or exercise in a dissolved drink form. There is no lactose free option of Bioplasma.

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Bioplasma can be used for many functions and ailments. Bioplasma uses natural replenishment of minerals in your body to aid the body's natural processes without side effects. Bioplasma is made of the basic tissue salts which are the basic composition of tissue in the body, so when your body is low or depleted of these tissue salts or of a specific tissue salt your body begins to function poorly or inefficiently. Bioplasma is needed and effective to replenish each tissue salt deficiency.

The basic cell salts found in Bioplasma have been used since the early 1800s when Dr. Schuessler and Dr. Luyties both used each tissue salt in their homeopathic remedies. The tissue salts found in Bioplasma were found to replenish and revitalize the body and tissue salts have been used around the world ever since. For more information about the development of tissue salts and Bioplasma and the role that Dr. Schuessler and Dr. Luyties had in the development of each tissue salt, please see the info links tab.

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