Hylands and Luyties ointments topicals and creams for your homeopathic remedies and alternative medicine needs.
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Arnica Bumps 'n Bruises HylandsArnica Bumps 'n Bruises HylandsArnica Bumps 'N Bruises by Hylands 4 Kids is a convenient ointment dispenser for bruises, tender chaffed skin, tenderness, swelling, trauma, inflammation, chapped lips and dry skin. This ointment is for external use only.
Calendula SprayCalendula SprayCalendula Ointment/spray/oil is for skin irritations from sunburn, chafing and helps heal minor cuts and scrapes.
Diaper Ointment HylandsDiaper Ointment HylandsHyland's Diaper Ointment is a natural ointment for fast, gentle and soothing relief of symptoms of diaper rash and minor skin irritations for babies and infants.
Hylands Leg Cramps OintmentHylands Leg Cramps OintmentHyland's Leg Cramps Ointment is to quickly relieve cramps and pains in legs and calves while warming the affected area.
Hypericum Spray HylandsHypericum Spray HylandsHypericum Spray is for nerve injuries from blows and is good for the external treatment of bruises in areas rich in nerves caused by falls and blows.
Mullein Oil LuytiesMullein Oil LuytiesLuyties Mullein Oil assists in the removal of wax and congestion in the ear providing relief ear pain. A 1800 Homeopathy product.

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