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Homeopathic Medicine for Women

Homeopathic Medicine for Women
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This book gives advice and describes the appropriate homeopathic applications for a wide range of mental and physical symptoms and conditions both simple and complex. Trevor Smith, MD, 176 pp. paperback.

From the Book's Back Cover:
This important and long-awaited guidebook brings together information and advice about the homeopathic treatment of a full range of gynecological disorders.

The author, a well-known practicing homeopath and psychiatrist, gives a clear description of each disorder and its causes and symptoms.

He discusses the conventional treatment of the complaint, and provides a list of homeopathic remedies, indicating exactly how each remedy is to be applied to specific physical and psychological symptoms.

Its Table of Contents Includes:
Adolescent Period Problems • Period Problems of the Adult Woman • Tampon or Pad • Pregnancy • Breast Feeding Problems • Puerperal Problems • Infections • Sterility and Failure to Conceive • Menopausal Problems • Pruritus Vulvae • Prolapse and Leakage • General Breast Problems • Fibroids • Cancer • Trauma and Rape • Ovarian Disease • Contraception • Sexual Problems

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