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How Do Cell Salts Work?

Schuessler Salts use natural healing mechanisms in the body that counteract mineral imbalances. Dr. Schuessler, who discovered Cell Salt remedies, proposes in his biochemic theory that deficiencies in these minerals or mineral salts are the source of common health problems. Cell Salts derived from these minerals act as cell salt remedies that help restore depleted minerals in the body. This is what allows Schuessler Salts to restore balance and treat illness and be well.

Some facts about Cell Salts:

Cell Salts are composed from the basic minerals that cells require. In fact each cell salt was found from the basic minerals left behind when cells were broken down to their basic foundational materials.

Cell Salts, also known as Schuessler Salts, bring balance and health to muscle tissue and overall cell function restoration.

Cell salt remedies are formulated in homeopathic microdoses, making cell salts safe for the whole family including children two years old and older.

Schuessler Salts are safe to use with other medications, cell salt remedies are not pharmaceutical medications, just the basic mineral salts that make up cells, so cell salts do not interact with the chemicals in medication.

Cell Salts come in quick-dissolving cell salt tablets.

Cell Salts can easily be used with small children or anyone by adding a cell salt dose to your or your child’s water bottle and sipped throughout the day.

Schuessler Salts treat minor health issues quickly and effectively with flexibility and safety.

Cell Salt remedies can complement a healthy living plan.

Remember to follow all label directions listed on the cell salts.

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