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  1. Two options that can assist with allergies during allergy season are Nat Mur and Calc phos.

  2. This months post is on Kali sulph. Kali sulph can assist with carrying oxygen to cells. It can help with skin issues and colds. I just read a story about how Kali sulph helped with the mood swings of a young child with autism:
  3. Try Calc fluor (cell salt #1) to strengthen and repair tendons and ligaments. This could particularly be useful to assist the tendons and ligaments in connection with chiropractic adjustments.
  4. For a persistant backache that won't go away try using the combination of silica (silicea), mag phos and bioplasma. You may order these three cell salts tissue salts in Hylands or Luyties brands.

    This remedy was contributed by Douglas Mosher D.C. of Angwin, California.

  5. injured muscle hamstringIf you have strained, pulled or otherwise injured a muscle or are having muscle cramps, then you can try ferrum phos, kali sulph and mag phos. You could also just take muscular tissue salt combination I from Luyties. Recently a athletic but older gentleman had a continuous pain in his right hamstring and a combination of this cell salts tissue salts were given at maximum dosage and the pain was relieved and walking for a distance became possible again after a little over a day.
  6. Baby Crying needing homeopathic cell salts tissue saltsTry using Calc phos (Calcarea phosphorica, cell salt #2) for baby's teething relief. This is the main ingredient in most homeopathic teething tablets. The Calc phos can be supplemented with Chamomilla, Coffea cruda and belladonna.

  7. Cell Salts Tissue Salts can be used for many different remedies that deal with the nerves. Recently an acquaintance broke her foot and had extensive ligament damage. The pain was never ending. It was suggested that a homeopathic remedy of #8 Mag phos be used for homeopathic remedies. The pain and discomfort was relieved as well as with pain killers without the effects of mainstream medicine.

  8. Try using the cell salt combination of #6 Kali phos, #8 Mag phos and #11 Natrum sulph. This can be used for breathing troubles and asthma attacks. It works to calm our 6 year old's breathing when she has an asthma attack. This combination of cell salts tissue salts can be purchased in the Hylands or Luyties brands.

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