Bioplasma is the correct balanced combination of all 12 basic cell salts tissue salts for a restorative revitalizing effect on a daily basis. Hylands Bioplasma comes in their standard potency mixture which is 6x potency for Calc fluor, Nat mur and Silicea and 3x potency for the other 9 basic cell salts tissue salts. Luyties has bioplasma in a your choice of 6x, 12x or 30x. Bioplasma Sport is a great combination of all 12 Schuessler cell salts biochemic tissue salts in an easy convenient form for athletic usage. Bioplasma is a great option for daily use for chronic conditions. See all the Bioplasma options below and see each bioplasma option individually to see details about the differences between the different Bioplasma options.
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Hylands BioplasmaHylands BioplasmaThis cell salt/tissue salt is the correct combination of all 12 cell salts tissue salts for daily use

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