About Us
About Us

We specialize in selling you Cell Salts/Tissue Salts and other homeopathic remedies for the lowest price. We believe in proactive self treatment for wellness and health besides those in the mainstream medical world. We use cell salts/tissue salts ourselves and believe that they are a very useful remedy for health needs.

We are a distribution/supplier company. We do not manufacture the products being sold. The products that we sell are manufactured by the companies listed with the products (i.e. Hylands, Luyties, Standard Homeopathic.

Cell Salts Tissue Salts World

Thank you for shopping at Cell Salts and Tissue Salts World for all of your Cell Salt/Tissue Salt homeopathic remedies
We are dedicated to providing Cell Salts/Tissue Salts (The Schuessler salts) to you at discounted prices
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