Luyties Formulas by Number. There are many different remedies available for different ailments and situations. Find here on this page homeopathic remedies that are combinations of multiple single remedies that are designed for the specific symptom.
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Backache/Sciatica #199Backache/Sciatica #199Luyties Backache/Sciatica #199 is for easing spasms, inflammation, swelling and bruising of nerve and back pain. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
Bilious (nausea) #147Bilious (nausea) #147Luyties Bilious (nausea) #147 is the natural homeopathic remedy that relieves symptoms of bilious nausea and sour vomiting. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
Dyspepsia #22Dyspepsia #22Luyties Dyspepsia #22 for indigestion relief including from gas and belching. A 1800homeopathy product.
Fever #7Fever #7Luyties Fever #7 is to provide natural relief for minor fever. Also relieves cold, flu or sun-induced heat symptoms such as headache, bodyaches, nausea and chills. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
Flu #86Flu #86Luyties Flu #86 is the natural homeopathic remedy that gives relief to achy flu and severe cold symptoms as well as minor fevers, chills, coughs and congestion. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
Hangover/Recovery #77Hangover/Recovery #77Luyties Hangover Recovery #77 is the natural homeopathic remedy that gives relief for headaches, nausea, vomiting or fatigue related to flu, stress or convalescence. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
Hay Fever #59Hay Fever #59Luyties Hay Fever #59 is the natural homeopathic remedy for sniffles, sore throat, sneezes and eye irritation from hayfever. A 1800homeopathy product.
MuscleAchesCramps#44MuscleAchesCramps#44Luyties Muscle Aches and Cramps #44 is for muscles, joints and tendons and injury associated with them such as sprains, strains and cramps. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
PMS and Painful Periods #18PMS and Painful Periods #18Luyties PMS and Painful Periods #18 is the natural homeopathic remedy that offers natural temporary relief from a range of menstrual irritation and pain symptoms. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
Swimmers Ear #32Swimmers Ear #32Luyties Swimmer's Ear #32 is the natural homeopathic remedy that helps to open ears and ease pain and congestion due to water, wax or mucus. A 1800homeopathy product.

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