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Special Bulk Order

Special order of:

QTY: 1 set of all 12 additional/other cell salts in 2 dram pellets but in the following potencies:

Potassium arsenite (Kali Ars)   6x

Potassium bromide (Kali Brom)  6x

Potassium iodide (Kali Iod)  6x

Lithium chloride (Lith Mur) only available in 200c pellets

Manganese sulfate (Mang Sulph)  12x

Copper arsenite (Cuprum Ars)  12x

Alum (Alumen, Kali Alum Sulph)  6x

Zinc chloride (Zinc Mur)  12x

Calcium carbonate (Calc Carb)  12x

Arsenic iodide (Ars Iod)  6x

Aurum chloride sodium (Aurum Mur Nat) 6x

Selenium  12x

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