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Luyties Tissue Salt K -Sore ThroatLuyties Tissue Salt K -Sore ThroatThis combination biochemic cell salt tissue salt is for the throat, particularly sore throats. A 1800 Homeopathy Luyties product.
Luyties Tissue Salt M -Fever InflammationLuyties Tissue Salt M -Fever InflammationThis combination cell salt biochemic tissue salt is for fevers and inflammation. A Luyties 1800homeopathy product.
Luyties Tissue Salt N -Vaginal Irritation crampsLuyties Tissue Salt N -Vaginal Irritation crampsThis combination of cell salts biochemic tissue salts is for vaginal irritation and cramps. A 1-800 Homeopathy Luyties product.
Luyties Tissue Salt O - Nerve PainLuyties Tissue Salt O - Nerve PainThis Luyties combination of biochemic cell salts tissue salts is for the ease of inflammation, pain and tension in the nerves (neuralgic pain). A 1800 Homeopathy product.
Lycopodium clav.Lycopodium clav.Lycopodium is for indecision, colds, headaches, nerves and worries and indigestion.
Mercurius VivusMercurius VivusMerc viv (Mercurius Vivus) is for sore throat, congestion, heartburn, sensitivity to temperature and diarrhea.
Mullein Oil LuytiesMullein Oil LuytiesLuyties Mullein Oil assists in the removal of wax and congestion in the ear providing relief ear pain. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
MuscleAchesCramps#44MuscleAchesCramps#44Luyties Muscle Aches and Cramps #44 is for muscles, joints and tendons and injury associated with them such as sprains, strains and cramps. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
Nux VomicaNux VomicaNux Vomica is for stress, nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, sleeplessness, colds, flu, gas and restless irritability.
Passiflora IncarnataPassiflora IncarnataPassiflora Incarnata is an efficient anti-spasmodic for whooping cough, to break a morphine habit, delirium, convulsions in children, neuralgia, insomnia (produces normal sleep), nervousness, stress, worry, headache, worm-fever, teething, spasms, tetanus, hysteria and asthma.
PhosphorusPhosphorusPhosphorus is for bleeding, nosebleeds, cough, sore throat, flu, colds, fatigue, sleeplessness, wheezing and hoarseness.
Plumbum MetallicumPlumbum MetallicumPlumbum Metallicum is for constipation, cramps, colic, vomiting and quiet sadness.
PMS and Painful Periods #18PMS and Painful Periods #18Luyties PMS and Painful Periods #18 is the natural homeopathic remedy that offers natural temporary relief from a range of menstrual irritation and pain symptoms. A 1800 Homeopathy product.
PulsatillaPulsatillaPulsatilla nig is for colds, coughs, hayfever, restless sleep, car sickness, PMS, moodiness and headaches.
Rhus ToxicodendronRhus ToxicodendronRhus Toxicodendron is one a favorite of those who use homeopathic remedies for poison ivy and poison oak, arthritis pain, stiffness and pain in joints, rashes, hives and inflammations.
Ruta gravRuta gravRuta grav is for sprains, strains, eyestrain, backache, wrist pain, cartilage and tendons.
SepiaSepiaSepia is for PMS & Menopause, Back Pain & Headaches, Indifference and Fatigue.
Spongia tostaSpongia tostaSpongia tosts is for dry cough, croupy cough, spasmodic winter cough, hoarseness and fatigue.
SulphurSulphurSulphur is for congestion, colds, indegestion, headaches and skin irritation.
Swimmers Ear #32Swimmers Ear #32Luyties Swimmer's Ear #32 is the natural homeopathic remedy that helps to open ears and ease pain and congestion due to water, wax or mucus. A 1800homeopathy product.
Symphytum off.Symphytum off.Symphytum is for structural injuries, pain and headaches and eye irritations.
Thuja occThuja occThuja occ (arbor vitae / tree of life) is for warts, skin eruptions, skin irritations, headaches and nausea.
Veratrum albVeratrum albVeratrum alb (white hellebore) is for wearying diarrhea, vomiting, fatigue and menstrual pain.
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